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Cottonwood Roads Update - Bids came back too high. Al Oakes is looking for a cheaper dirt vendor.

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Thanks again to Steve for his years of service to Parkerfield. Parkerfield Web Site - Steve Jelf did a great job of re-organization. There was a lot of input from the RFD 5 residents, and most supported the RFD 5 Board with considering fire services from an independent contractor. The Arkansas City Administration refused to negotiate and many harsh words came from both sides of the issue. We assume the aggressive stance taken by the past Ark City Administration helped to cause the election of three more progressive Commissioners and expect the new Commissioners to negotiate.

No matter what, you will have fire coverage next year. Founders Day - We are looking at changing the date and format of our annual Founders Day celebration. More to come. Cans Collection - Once again, aluminum cans are worth collecting, though there is no place to recycle them in the Ark City area. We are requesting that our citizens save all empty aluminum beverage cans and either drop them off at the Mayor's house, call Mayor Mike at for a pickup, or call Council Member Mara Lynne Schmitz at for a pickup.

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We'll collect them, haul them to Ponca City for recycling, save the cash in a City Building Fund, and advise all as the fund grows. We do not expect to complete the building only with can money, and will discuss additional funding in the future. The Parkerfield City Council has been discussing with Waste Connections, the current trash pickup vendor, the possibility of Waste Connections having an exclusive contract for the City of Parkerfield. If approved, the Contract will be effective on July 1, and will cover five years. Waste Connections will continue billing quarterly for the services.

This Contract will mean that no other Commercial Vendor can pick up trash in Parkerfield. Residents can either sign-up or continue with Waste Connections or dispose of their own trash.

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Residents not using Waste Connections can burn trash or haul it to the dump, or whatever. WCI will not service gallon drums. Rates will increase annually per CPI and if fuel or dump fees increase. This is the same for all other Waste Connections customers. Please call the Mayor or a Council Member, or attend the May 17th Council Meeting if you have any questions or objections to this contract.

We need your help] Date: Apr 27, PM. The Board had been negotiating with the Ark City Commission on a contract for fire protection, and now cannot negotiate further and cannot approve a contract. A new petition for the project was circulated and the Project was approved by the City Council. Work on the first phase, drainage and roadbed, should begin within two weeks. The overlay activity may not be done for several months, depending on availability of the contractor. We will advise everyone when the work begins.

Parkerfield Web Site - www. We hope to see a fair contract with Ark City soon. Founders Day - The date and format of our annual Founders Day celebration has changed. We plan a get-together in September which will be more of a family affair with less work and more fun. Cans Collection -We requested that our citizens save empty aluminum beverage cans and drop them off at the Mayor's house by his mailbox.

So far, we've accumulated four large garbage bags of crushed cans.

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This can be a good environment and cash activity. Thanks to all who have contributed. Trash Pickup - All Parkerfield residents have been notified in several newsletters that the City Council is considering an exclusive contract with Waste Connections.

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We asked for resident input and have received only positive comments. The contract will be implemented in July with quarterly payment due in July. Waste Connections will perform the same services and will bill residents directly. There have been many problems with mail and package delivery and tax distributions caused by sharing the zip code with Arkansas City. A Parkerfield zip code will resolve many problems. This will not happen quickly, and we will advise all residents on what is happening.

However, where they are registered determines to who receives the taxes collected. We want to be sure Parkerfield receives its taxes which are collected and we have worked with the County Treasurer, Appraiser, and Clerk to ensure that registrations and distributions are correct.

Read More Top news stories from Mirror Online. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Follow DailyMirror. News all Most Read Most Recent. Tesco Mum's 'humiliating' row over Christmas turkey at Tesco's self service tills Claire Harrison has vowed to never step foot in the supermarket again after suffering embarrassment at the checkouts. She said staff demanded she show them her receipts at the store in Plymouth. Prisons Man who injected heroin into baby's mouth and tried to kill ex dies in prison Roger Weir, 52, was serving an 18 year prison sentence at HMP Berwyn in Wrexham for the attempted murder of his former partner in Poole, Dorset, an inquest heard.

British Airways British Airways passengers held at Heathrow Airport after 'incident' on flight Passengers on British Airways flight BA from Budapest to Heathrow were held at the airport after reports of an 'incident' on the plane. Most Read Most Recent. Under the plea agreement, Reed was free to argue for probation. Reed acknowledged the constitutional rights he would waive by pleading guilty in both a written acknowledgment and during a plea hearing.

Reed agreed that he had ample time to discuss the charges with this trial counsel, James Crawford, and he was happy with Crawford's services.

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Reed pled guilty to those two counts, and the court accepted those pleas; the State dismissed the remaining charges. In October , Reed appeared for sentencing. During the hearing, Reed stipulated that his criminal history score was F and requested a departure sentence. In both his written motion and arguments for a departure, Reed argued that he had been registering as an offender in Oklahoma and mistakenly believed that his registration there was sufficient. Reed argued that he intended to comply with the Kansas registration requirement in the future and requested the court grant him probation.

The court granted Reed both a downward durational and a dispositional departure by placing him on 36 months' probation with a controlling underlying departure sentence of 31 months' imprisonment. The court also extended Reed's duty to register for 3 years. Although Reed was advised of his right to appeal, he did not take a direct appeal from his sentence.

Twice in the 13 months following his sentencing, the State moved to revoke Reed's probation claiming he committed new criminal violations. At the first revocation hearing, the trial court revoked, reinstated, and extended Reed's probation. Reed did not appeal from the revocation, but he filed a variety of motions seeking reinstatement of his probation or additional jail credit. In October , Reed, through counsel, moved to withdraw his guilty pleas in this case. In the alternative, Reed requested that the court remove the extension of his duty to register under K. Reed attached to his motion an order from the Cowley County District Court.

The order stated that Reed's duty to register as an offender for the Cowley County conviction had expired. Reed asserted that the Sedgwick County District Court lacked jurisdiction to convict him of failing to register because his duty to register had expired before May Moreover, Reed contended that his trial counsel was ineffective for failing to recognize the jurisdictional issue and that he would not have entered guilty pleas had he known of this defense.

Consequently, Reed asserted that he had established manifest injustice that warranted the withdrawal of his pleas. The State opposed Reed's motion to withdraw his pleas. First, the State argued that Reed's motion was untimely under K. In addition, the State argued that Reed failed to show excusable neglect to justify his late filing.

The trial court conducted a hearing on June 14, , to address Reed's motion. At the beginning of the hearing, the State cited the tolling provision in K. The State argued that the expiration of the registration period was tolled if 1 the defendant was incarcerated or 2 was not incarcerated but failed to comply with registration requirements.

The officer testified that Reed was required to register for 10 years beginning December 4, The officer testified that Reed was incarcerated with the DOC during the following periods: April 14, , to June 18, ; August 10, , to January 16, ; June 20, , to November 1, ; and January 15, , to March 6, Reed's counsel stipulated to the incarceration dates. The officer also testified that Reed had failed to register—and thus was not in compliance with the statute—from December 4, , to April 13, ; June 2, , to January 6, ; and September 1, , to December 4, The KBI's unit would send correspondence to the offender reminding the offender if he or she did not file a registration form.

During the hearing, Reed made several arguments. First, he asserted that he should not have had to register when he was charged and that his attorney had failed to discover that defense. Reed's counsel argued that Reed did not have to register in and that his attorney was ineffective for failing to raise this defense. Reed's counsel, however, failed to articulate the legal basis supporting his claim that Reed had no duty to register.

Reed also argued that the rules regarding the tolling of the registration period were very complicated and that ordinary people would not have been able to determine if their registration duty had expired. In addition, Reed argued that in light of the confusing nature of the tolling provision, it was a legitimate issue for his counsel to raise. Reed argued that this defense could have been raised at trial and that the jury would have been just as confused as the attorneys about the application of the tolling provision. As a result of this confusion, Reed maintains that he might not have been convicted.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the trial court declined to make any finding as to whether Reed's motion to withdraw was untimely or whether he had established excusable neglect for any delay.

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Instead, the trial court concluded that based upon all the evidence presented, Reed had failed to establish manifest injustice necessary to withdraw his pleas. The court determined that the evidence established that Reed was noncompliant with the registration requirements for a little over 4 years. This meant that when Reed was charged with the current offenses, he was still under the duty to register.

As a result, the trial court denied Reed's motion. The trial court later filed a journal entry setting forth the times when Reed was incarcerated and the periods he did not comply with the registration requirements. Relying on K. Reed changes his argument that he presented to the trial court and now argues another on appeal. At the trial court level, Reed argued that his attorney had overlooked the potential defense that his time to register had expired.

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Nevertheless, Reed essentially concedes that under K. The question before this court deals with Reed's motion to withdraw his guilty pleas. Generally, an appellate court will not disturb a trial court's denial of a postsentencing motion to withdraw plea absent an abuse of discretion. State v. Fritz, Kan. As stated earlier, Reed has abandoned the claims he raised in the trial court: that his counsel was ineffective for not informing him of a potential defense that he was not obligated to register between May and December or that the confusing nature of the tolling statute provided him a defense of lack of intent.

An issue not briefed by the appellant is deemed waived and abandoned. Boleyn, Kan. As Reed concedes, issues not raised before the trial court—even constitutional issues—generally will not be considered for the first time on appeal. Bowen, Kan.